Bespoke Software

Bespoke software is designed and built to order. It is tailored to meet your needs without adding any unnecessary features. Where off-the-shelf software tends to be a jack of all trades and master of none, bespoke solutions focus on solving select problems in the best way possible.

To build quality web development solutions, we use only the best open source tools, including, Laravel (PHP), Lumen, NodeJs, jQuery and Angular2. We also have past experience working with legacy code bases in CodeIgniter.

We build bespoke websites and web apps

If you have a bleeding edge idea for the web, we can build and deliver it. Our skills are in solving problems where the solution doesn't come out of the box.

We are a bespoke software agency in Manchester - technology hub and centre of the Northern Powerhouse - which gives us easy access to work with clients nationwide. 

Our approach to building bespoke software is simple; we start with the problem and design a solution tailored to solve it. We are free from the constraint of trying to force an old solution to a new problem. Don't get me wrong, we draw on past experience and don't believe in reinventing the wheel, but our solutions are always centered around solving the problem with the bare minimum of waste and redundacy.

To find out more about why we prefer to build bespoke software over configuring off-the-shelf frameworks, read our blog entry on Bespoke software vs off-the-shelf.

Our process

We listen

Who knows your industry better than you do. What are its pain points and what does it do well. We are experts in our own industry, not yours, so we listen to you, we take notes and we probe for more information until we understand the challenge. Our Business Analysts and Project Managers have over ten years of experience listening to problems and ideas, so we've gotten pretty good at it.

We think

With a clear challenge in mind, we put our thinking caps on and come up with solutions. We choose the best ideas and pick them apart until we have something that can stand up on its merits. Software architecture at Fabric is a team sport, after all, two heads are better than one.

We discuss

Once we have a few ideas to run with, we discuss it with you. The end result of our projects - a bespoke piece of software - is your asset to use and so we collaborate with you to build the best solution and giving you value for money for your development. We want our customers to know that they made the right decision.

We deliver

Our development and delivery process is iterative. We deliver features regularly, giving you something tangible to play with and in turn we get better feedback. Once enough features are developed to add a benefit to your business, we do a controlled deployment. From this point we can continuously deploy new changes as they are approved.