10th Oct // 2016

Benefits of a bespoke recruitment management system

Benefits of a bespoke recruitment management system

A bespoke recruitment management system as opposed to an off-the-shelf offering is software, a website or an app that is purpose built to help manage and track your recruitment process. Off-the-shelf solutions are designed with the aim of selling them repeatedly to many clients, where bespoke solutions are designed with only one client in mind. The two main differences between these approaches is cost and suitability of features. In this blog post we talk about the benefits of a bespoke solution. Custom made solutions cost more as a rule of thumb - in the short term - unless your requirements are very simple, so why is it worth paying extra for the exact features and integrations that you need in a recruitment system?

No wasted features

Off-the-shelf recruitment platforms have to cater for all industries. To do that they add features and fields suitable to many different users or add too much flexibility at the expense of a good user experience. A bespoke solution only includes the features and fields that you need, specific to your industry. Everything has its place which has many benefits including a more intuitive user experience.

Fits your processes

Assessment centres are often used for bulk recruitment of blue collar roles. A technical job role might include technical tests as part of the recruitment process. Some positions require security checks and job specific documents at various points and many job roles have requirements that don't fit in a standard process. A common symptom of a poor fitting recruitment system in this situation is when extra tools - like spreadsheets - are used to fill in the gaps. These bolted-on systems are often unsecure and highly prone to user error. A well designed tailor-made solution would handle these variations without the need for workarounds.

Custom integrations

With an off-the-shelf solution you may be able to post jobs onto popular job boards like Indeed and social networks like LinkedIn. If you need to recruit specialist skills, you may get a better response by posting on specialist job sites where a bespoke integration is needed. This type of integration can be built in to a bespoke system to help improve the number of applications you receive.

Bespoke solutions are built around your processes and can be integrated with your existing systems like HR, payroll and training so that you don't need to duplicate employee records.

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