Legally Compliant Recruitment System

Legally Compliant Recruitment System


An equal opportunities employer with a requirement for large scale recruitment through assessment centres and interviews partnered with us to deliver a custom built recruitment system. One important feature was making sure that the any opportunity for bias and discrimination was removed, and that it was possible for administrators to monitor that the employer was complying with equal opportunities legislation.


The challenge was to simplify the recuitment process and allowing a recruitment team to do everything online including marking applications while removing bias. The system also needed to comply with equal opportunities requirements.


We have developed a system that simplifies the recuitment process by using automatic tools to both select candidates for interview and automate the notification process avoiding the need to send indiviual emails to applicants. The system allows different client users to mark different parts of the application forms and helps to reduce  bias by hiding applicants names. The marks are collated and users are selected for interview or an assessment centre. Reports include monitoring of equal opportunities within the selection process.


The solution is constantly evolving to add further features as needed. If you are looking for a similar system, click on the link below and let us know what you are looking for.

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