Tender Management System

Tender Management System


A well known consortium in the social housing sector, Procure Plus, had a requirement to manage tenders for contractors and suppliers to join their planned maintenance frameworks. As a not-for-profit organisation, Procure Plus had to ensure that their tending process was OJEU compliant, unbiased and transparent.


The initial challenge was to design a tendering system that ensured unbiased marking of candidates wanting to join a number of frameworks in the social housing sector.

A second challenge was to allow an additional user group, the landlords, to run their own tenders for suppliers and contractors to work on individual planned maintenance projects.


Our solution was a bespoke tender management portal. The portal had features for administrators to build tenders up from a range of question types that covered both Landlord and Procure Plus' needs. A public interface was built for contrators and suppliers to register and login and to find and submit tenders.

To solve the problem of providing unbiased marking, the system was designed for multiple markers to score a tender, and for details that could identify an organisation to be hidden from the markers, adding a layer of anonymity. As a nice to have addition, the system was built so that markers could be limited to only those sections that were relevant to them.


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