Good consultancy gives you confidence in the technology that you use and the direction that you take. Technology changes rapidly, and forward thinking companies take advice from experts in the field to inform their training and recruitment decisions.

Our service

Using expert consultants gives you access to a much broader pool of skills that you may not need as full time in-house employees. The range of skills that we offer on a consultancy basis are detailed below.

Software architecture

Architecture in software forms the foundations of the code. Without well planned architecture, the system will become harder to maintain with each development as technical debt rises.   

Code audits

All code can benefit from a second pair of eyes. We audit code to find issues and improvements that can be made. Long term maintainability of a system relies on work to keep technical debt low, and a code audit forms the basis of any good technical debt strategy.
During our code audits, we look at:
  • Code structure and style
  • Cohesion and coupling
  • Risk
  • Security
  • Duplication

Technical debt strategy

To deliver benefits early to the end user and under the pressure of deadlines, developers often implement quick solutions rather than the best solution. The gap between a quick code and ideal code is technical debt. Like financial debt, technical debt incurs interest, and the longer the debt remains, the greater the cost to repay the debt. With technical debt, the cost is that future developments take longer to complete. A good technical debt strategy reduces development time, keeping you competitive.

Development practices

In software development, there are many established project management and development methodologies. There is no silver bullet to solve all problems, but experience tells us what works best for a project. We have the experience to advise on various agile methodologies, more traditional waterfall approaches and hybrid solutions.


We have worked with world leading providers of dedicated and cloud hosting for over 10 years, we can advise on infrastructure that performs and scales when needed and satisfies your business continuity plans.

Third party integration

Third party integrations pose a risk to a projects success because of the lack of control over features and performance. We have integrated bespoke systems with a vast number of off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions and our skills lie in our ability to find the right communication methods, even those that aren't documented.

Open source technologies

We use open source technologies when we develop, so we speak from experience. Our ethos is to give practical advice over theoretical ideals, so even though we can discuss the merits of closed source solutions, we prefer to specialise in open source.